I am dedicating 2015 to myself…  to finally defining who I am; my beliefs, my passions, my motivations.  Simply put; my purpose.  I am tired of living a comfortable life.  I am tired of being ordinary and, in some areas, subpar.  Sure, to most, my life would seem ideal.  And it is.  I have a beautiful wife, a great home, a job that provides me with so much more than I need, a supportive family, and a close group of friends.  But, if we are all truly made in the image of God, I need to strive to be so much more than I already am.  The bar is much higher than where I’ve comfortably placed it.  My life needs to count for something.  I am dedicating this year to myself in the hope that it would prepare me to accomplish, or be part of, something which is actually larger than myself.  This year will not be about “stops”, “no mores”, “cutting outs”… this year is about doing, about achievement, about transformation… about becoming a better man – spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

This year I will:

  • Read the Entire Bible
  • Take a Seminary Theology Class
  • Get my Private Pilot’s License
  • Complete a Half Marathon
  • Complete a 4th Tough Mudder
  • Complete a Full Marathon
  • Lose 100 Pounds (currently 262)
  • Lobby for Higher Education Finance Reform
  • Learn to Play the Guitar

And – hopefully along this journey I will be able to achieve a tenth goal:

  • Change Someone’s Life for the Better

This year should not, and will not, be easy…  it will require faith, determination, and perseverance.  But, just like with everything else that is achieved through hard work, it will be rewarding.

So, here’s to living with an anticipation that greater things are yet to come and are yet to be done… to living like tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Here’s to a happy, prosperous, and transformational 2015!